The objective of the module is to provide participants with an adequate understanding of all the key issues related to communication and raising awareness in a Research Infrastructures. The module helps participants to analyze the different stakeholders and their characteristics and to manage better different communication tools and styles, in order to create value.

This module provided the capability to identify relevant stakeholders, to choose the best communication channel to maximize impact, to identify the core elements of a successful branding strategy and to communicate value creation and impact of the Research Impact (RI). The emphasis was on the multi-stakeholder system of RI environments, stakeholders who have different characteristics and interests, and on the best ways and means to communicate strategic and value creation information. In order to grasp practical implications on raising awareness, the course included professionals for case studies and in-depth discussions, as well as group activities and role-playing.

The first day was devoted to creating a common vocabulary on the meaning of awareness, brand and reputation. Laura Gavinelli, Coordinator of the module, from the University of Milan-Bicocca introduced the module with a role play, Then, as a guest speaker, Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle, Director of International Relations of CERN, showed to the participants how to plan an effective brand strategy using the case of CERN.

The second day was about how to build a strong brand and how to identify the recipients of the communicating RI. It also provided the basics on how to plan an effective communication campaign. The goal was achieved with Andrea Alemanno, Group Director Corporate Reputation of Ipsos. He explained how to manage a brand what are brand equity and reputation, shaping those concepts from a stakeholder’s perspectives.

During the last in-class session, Lorenzo Merignati, Digital Communication Expert, University of Milano-Bicocca, shared his knowledge about how to plan an effective communication campaign and how to communicate in the digital era.

During the networking dinner, Nicolò Bastaroli, Head of Legal Department, Ealixir, had a speech about how to measure, monitor and defend the digital reputation and how the GDPR is changing the digital environment under the EU horizon. He also explained how the de-indexation process works nowadays.

The last day, participants – with Lorenzo Merignati – had the chance to get into detail with the digital communication, social media and their technicalities, analysing the case of BBMRI Italy.

How to communicate with a disruptive impact: highlights from Module 11 of EMMRI