University of Milano-Bicocca:

Paola Bongini, Full Professor of Banking and Finance (Read More)
Dario Cavenago, Full Professor of Business Administration and Management
Angelo Di Gregorio, Full Professor of Marketing and Communication
Enrico Guarini, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management (Read More)
Carla Gulotta, Associate Professor of International Law (Read More)
Marialuisa Lavitrano, Full Professor of Medicine (Read More)
Francesca Magli, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Management (Read More)
Elisabetta Marafioti, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management (Read More)
Mario Mezzanzanica, Associate Professor of Information Systems
Alberto Nobolo, Full Professor of Business Administration and Management (Read more)
Francesco Paoletti, Associate Professor of Organization
Bendetta Trivellato, Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Read more)

Visiting Faculty:

Ivan Baines, Max Planck Institute MPI-CPG, Chief Operating Officer (Read More)
Ewan Birney, EMBL-EBI, Co-Director; University of Cambridge, Honorary Professor
Niklas Blomberg, Elixir, Director
Cath Brooksbank, EMBL-EBI, Coordinator Training programme
Pedro Jorge Camões, Universidade do Minho, Professor
Georges Dagher, Inserm, Director of US 13 Clinical Research Department (Read More)
Frank de Man, EATRIS-ERIC, Finance consultant
Jacques Demotes, ECRIN-ERIC, Director General (Read More)
Jennifer Edmond, DARIAH-ERIC, Director (Read More)
Paul Flicek, EMBL-EBI, Group Leader
Geneviève Guinot, CERN, Head Diversity Office
Pascale Goy, CERN, HR Department, Head of Learning and Development
Ohad Graber-Soudry, CEO X-officio – Sweden
Mats Hansson, Uppsala University Research Ethics and Bioethics Centre, Director (Read More)
Claire Johnson, EMBL-EBI, Training Information and Liaison Officer
Jose Keating, Universidade do Minho, Professor
Richard Kitney, Imperial College London, Professor; Co-Director/Synthetic Biology Hub
Licinio Lima, Universidade do Minho, Professor (Read More)
Nelson Lima, MIRRI; Universidade do Minho, Professor
Vera Matser, EMBL-EBI, Training Liaison Officer
Iain Mattaj, Human Technopole, Director General (Read More)
Markus Pasterk, BBMRI-ERIC, former Administrative Director (Read More)
Carlo Rizzuto, ELI, Director General
Domenico Salvatore, University of Napoli Partenope, Professor
Janet Thornton, EMBL-EBI, Director Emeritus
Anton Ussi, EATRIS-ERIC, Operations & Finance Director
Eeero Vuorio, Turku University, Emeritus Professor (Read More)
Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle, CERN, Director for International Relations
Laura Mariani, Associate Professor in Management at the University of Bergamo (Read More)